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I’m thrilled to be part of this year’s Air Open exhibition at the Air Gallery in Altrincham, Greater Manchester which runs from 17th August until 30th September. 


The two pieces that have been selected by the judges to be exhibited are: In Search Of Nonlinear Time, and In The Presence Of The Departed. They form part of the Dwelling series I worked on during the pandemic. If you are in the area, please do drop by! It’s a group exhibition with lots of incredible pieces from multiple artists.

To view all the pieces in the Dwelling series, please click below.

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About me

"You'd be crazy to leave." Not the most comforting words you want to hear.


But after a career spanning 15 years in the technology world - working at Google (advising global brands), at startups (as a Marketing Director), and eventually establishing my own consultancy practice - I decided to pursue my childhood ambition of working in sculpture and installation art.


These ambitions in art started at an early age. At school, I was buoyed by the fact my artwork was taken around the country by the examination board. I went on to train at Wimbledon School of Art (Foundation, Distinction) as well as Motley Theatre Design School (which culminated in an exhibition at the National Theatre). In addition, I read English Literature at Warwick University (First Class Hons).


It was my early experiences in life that shaped my art. Due to my father's career as an academic and a renowned statistician, we travelled often (visiting 50 countries, attending 7 schools). This sparked my curiosity in people, psyches and cultures, as well as a fascination for science and maths - an influence from my father. My art explores the following areas: science, mathematics, time, neuroscience, memory, mortality, the human condition.

Another influence in my art has been my cultural identity. Born in Manchester, I descend from early Chinese migrants who arrived in the UK several generations ago in the 1910s. Straddling two cultures has often been a source of inspiration as well as conflict.

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