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"You'd be crazy to leave." Not the most comforting words you want to hear.


But after a career spanning 15 years in the technology world - working at Google (advising global brands), at startups (as a Marketing Director), and eventually establishing my own consultancy practice - I decided to pursue my childhood ambition of working in sculpture and installation art.


These ambitions in art started at an early age. At school, I was buoyed by the fact my artwork was taken around the country by the examination board. I went on to train at Wimbledon School of Art (Foundation, Distinction) as well as Motley Theatre Design School (which culminated in an exhibition at the National Theatre). In addition, I read English Literature at Warwick University (First Class Hons).


It was my early experiences in life that shaped my art. Due to my father's career as an academic and a renowned statistician, we travelled often (visiting 50 countries, attending 7 schools). This sparked my curiosity in people, psyches and cultures, as well as a fascination for science and maths - an influence from my father. My Art explores the following areas: science, mathematics, time, neuroscience, memory, mortality, the human condition.

Another influence in my art has been my cultural identity. Born in Manchester, I descend from early Chinese migrants who arrived in the UK several generations ago in the 1910s. Straddling two cultures has often been a source of inspiration as well as conflict.



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